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We at Multi Lift Sales appreciate that a forklift truck can be a big expense to fork out (sorry!), especially if they are a fledgling business. So we pride ourselves in making their initial outgoings as low as possible, to assist them in building up their business.

We can provide finance packages to spread the cost over 1 – 5 years. We also do our own in-house 0% finance over a short term, ranging from 3 – 6 months

Finance Lease

This is an agreement for the rental of goods where title always remains with the leasing company. Rentals, consisting of capital and interest, are repaid over the agreed period which will be less than the useful working life of the asset. Typically this period will be two to five years. At the end of the hire period the goods can either be retained for an extended secondary period or alternatively disposed of.

Features and benefits

As a customer of Kennet Leasing, there are several benefits you will receive by choosing the finance leasing option. Here are just a few that we feel are important to our clients:

• Title of the goods remains the leasing companies, you use the goods without ownership worries.

• Additional source of funding keeps working capital intact.

• Capital allowances claimed by the leasing company, you then gain benefit of reduced rentals.

• Rentals are allowable for tax purposes, reducing the tax payable on profits.

• Flexible rental patterns can be matched to suit your cash flow.

• As the customer you will benefit from the sale proceeds

• Advanced rentals can be paid in lieu of deposit giving the flexibility to structure repayments to suit.

Hire Purchase

This is an agreement for the hiring of the goods with an option to purchase. Title of the goods will pass to you when all the payments have been made. Payments of capital and interest are made over an agreed period which will be less than the working life of the asset. You are able to claim capital allowances as if you had purchased for cash, gaining immediate use of the asset.

Features and Benefits

• Frees up bank facilities for other uses.

• Provides a firm credit facility which will not normally be withdrawn.

• The hirer can own the asset at the end of the agreement.

• The hirer can claim write down allowances in the normal manner.

• Rentals can be structured to meet customers specific cash flow requirements.

• Rental payments can be fixed for easy budgeting.

All prices that are quoted will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and to credit status.
They may also require adjustment as interest rates change.

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